Attention: Executive and senior-level job hunters tired of sending resumes and waiting...

Want to land your
next job FASTER--even in the fast-paced job market of 2022?

I'll show you EXACTLY how to cut through the job hunting maze and get employers' attention.

From the desk of Laura Smith-Proulx
Job Search Coach, Global Resume Expert, and Former Recruiter

Dear job hunter,

Maybe you've had the experience of my friend John.

Despite a successful leadership career, heís been working on his job search for months, with very little results to show for his efforts.

John knows that heís PERFECTLY qualified for the jobs heís found online. Time after time, he tweaks his resume and cover letter to fit the position, and sends out his resumeóall to no avail.

Unfortunately, he canít figure out what the problem is, and so he keeps spending time in the ENDLESS CYCLE of applying to jobs and wondering if the problem is his resume, the job market, or something else.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If so, you have plenty of company! Job searching has become an all-too-frustrating experience for many professionals.

Has this happened to you?

  • You're not sure where to look for a new job, other than the Internet?
  • You've heard about networking, but you don't know where to start?
  • You send out resume after resume online, but you don't get
    so much as a hello in return?
  • You send your resume to recruiters, but they don't call you back?
  • Youíre becoming more discouraged by the day?

If this is your situation, then I have a VERY effective solution for you.

Nearly 80% of all jobs are NEVER advertised on the Internet. So, the jobs you ARE seeing online are only what's LEFT OVER after companies have picked their choice candidatesS!

For precisely this reason, Iíve developed powerful strategies that help my clients tap into the vast majority of unadvertised jobs, also called the ďhidden job market,Ē so they can get hired MUCH faster.

How did I find these methods? Through years of working both inside the hiring industry as a recruiter, and within the international careers arena, where I stay on top of cutting-edge hiring trends and recruiting practices that really work.

"...I never knew these strategies existed..."

"Iím absolutely amazed at your knowledge of the job market. I never knew these strategies existed. I've been generating my own leads and getting new requests for interviews at least twice per week."
— J.L. IT Executive

"...this has really opened my eyes..."

ďI was so unprepared for my job search that I didn't know where to turn. I couldn't get a response from anyone when I sent out my resume.

Now, thanks to reading your book, I have so many ways to search that I'll NEVER get through them all! The greatest thing is that you've really pointed out how I can get in front of the exact people that I need to, without spending a ton of extra time.

My phone is already starting to ring, and I can't thank you enough!Ē

— P.S., Sales Director

But first, why should you listen to me?

As a former corporate recruiter turned job search and resume expert, I've seen it all... from professionals who still hope the Internet is a job search mecca, to those frustrated and burned out by the process.

They appply to job after job online, quickly realizing this is a dead-end method but also aware that they don't know what else to do.

But when these job hunters use my strategies, THEY GET RESULTS. Iíve helped hundreds of professionals just like you who never realized what a wealth of other search methods even existed--much less ones that were easy to implement.

Theyíre confident and fully armed with the hottest job websites, ways of finding recruiters, and insider tips that help them get straight to the BEST jobs like a pro--even if they've NEVER done it before and felt like novices when they started.

These professionals not only save time and effort--they also get HIRED while their friends are still looking the old-fashioned way, slogging through miles of Internet job postings.

Here are a few examples of how professionals just like YOU have been HIRED using my knowledge of the job market--(yes, even in the economic downturn and recent years!):
  • The Senior-Level Chemist who was recruited directly for a plum six-figure job with a major household products company from an online connection

  • The COO who built an online identity that jumpstarted his search, and landed his next opportunity within a month

  • The Operations Director who started utilizing online networking, and discovered that he could easily form key connections that pointed him to a wealth of new jobs

  • The IT Manager who was able to land interviews for prime leadership opportunitiesódespite the need to keep his job search completely confidential

  • The Supply Chain Management Executive who was in touch with recruiters within DAYS of accessing a large pool of hiring managers

  • The Sales Representative who used his new-found search strategies to build more leads in a week than he'd found in MONTHS--and secured interviews quickly with confidence

Now, Iíve compiled my job search expertise into straightforward, easy-to-implement strategies YOU can use to achieve the same level of success.

When you invest in my powerhouse manual, "Get Hired Faster: 60+ Proven Tips & Resources to Access the Hidden Job Market," youíll gain FAST RESULTS with:

The recruiter's way to contact employers, with an amazing 90%+ success rate (p. 26)

More than 60 websites that provide job leads, career research, and company information (pp. 2-64)

The surefire ways to get in front of those who can hire you directly (pp. 17-26)

A unique service that gives you an unbelieveable edge when contacting target companies (p. 21)

The ONLY foolproof method for finding company insiders that tip YOU off to great jobs (p. 34)

Must-know facts for dealing with recruiters (pp. 48-50)

How to find more jobs that NO one else knows about in your desired fieldófast (pp. 46-47)

My secret list of the BEST career industry portals to accelerate your results (pp. 58-63)

12 companies that will help you get your resume in front of recruiters--QUICKLY (p. 54)

How to get hiring managers' names and phone numbers so you can contact them directly! (pp. 21-24)

How to find out if your references are blocking your job search success (p. 27)

My secret formula for a Web presence that gets you FOUND by recruiters, with little effort on your part (pp. 31-32)

ď... little did I know that you would change my vision of the job market forever... "

I was able to connect with so many more professionals than in my previous job searches. In fact, Iíve made some lifelong business relationships that I know I can count on if Iím ever in that situation again.

Of course, I was able to land a very lucrative position and I'll be happy to stay there for a long time. Again, thanks to you!

— C.M., Operations Director

What is the chance to cut days, weeks, and even MONTHS off your job search worth to you?

Landing a $50,000 job just ONE WEEK sooner can mean $961 MORE in your pocket. And I know that many of my clients shorten their job search by not just one, but dozens of weeks.

We're not even talking about the aggravation factor of a long job search, either. Wouldn't you rather skip the frustration of a long, drawn-out process? I thought so.

I usually provide this information only to my resume clients, who pay from $1697 to $3697 to gain access to these insider strategies so they can get started in a new job quickly.

However, Iím NOT going to charge that much for this manual. You see, I know that the last thing you need when frustrated by the job hunt is another sizeable investment.

You won't find these cutting-edge tips, websites, and techniques in any
other job search book or website!

So Iím offering these proven insider secrets to the hidden job market
for only $47

Thatís right! For less than what it costs for a dinner out, you can have access to proven, reputable job search methods that escape even the most seasoned of job hunters.

Thatís not all. Iíll even provide you with these bonuses as an added value:

BONUS #1 - "Powerful Cover Letter Secrets for Six-Figure Careers"
($27 Value)

Writing a powerful cover letter can get you in the door of a top employer--FAST.
You get 15 Valuable Insider Tips plus a Cover Letter Example nominated for an international resume industry award!

I'm offering this book in conjunction with the resume system for a limited time only - so act now!

BONUS #2 - "When Employers Google You, What Will They Find?"
($27 Value)

In response to the growing issues posed by today's online job market, this report will help you:

-- Assess where online information about you can originate

--Determine what can be done about negative data

--Prepare for KEY interview questions about your online information

So, letís review again what you receive with the Get Hired Faster manual:

  • Key tips for contacting your target employersóyou know, the ones you really want to work for but donít know how to approach

  • Effective ways to get directly in contact with hiring managers--FAST

  • Amazing ROI for your job search efforts--plus ways to automate some of the tasks!

  • Insider methods to finding jobs through professional associations

  • EXACTLY how to make your resume stand out in a stack of paper (no, it's NOT the color!)

  • Top ways to have recruiters salivating over your resume

  • Proven methods for cultivating an online presence that makes recruiters call you!

  • Secrets for building a HUGE list of job and company leads you can use right NOW

  • How to get in touch with up to 1000 recruiters--with the single click of a mouse

  • My personal list of the TOP career industry portals and resources

  • Strategies that help you build demand for what you offer to your desired employers

  • Effective strategies for building interest from employers hungry for YOUR expertise

Remember, I usually charge from $1697 to $3697 for access to this information.

PLUS, Iíve included an additional $54 worth of bonus products, with a TOTAL VALUE
of more than $1760!

You also get my personal, money-back guarantee
that your purchase is absolutely 100% risk-free

Every penny
you invest in this valuable book is safely backed by my reliable "100% no quibble, no time limit guarantee."

I guarantee that after reading this book you'll know powerful insider secrets to today's hidden job market.

But, if for some reason,
"Get Hired Faster: 60+ Proven Tips & Resources
to Access the Hidden Job Market"
doesn't live up to your expectations,

simply tell me and I'll refund your purchase out of my own pocket.
You have my word on it!

So, are you ready to get started generating MORE success and
LESS frustration in your job search?


Yes, Laura, Iím ready to take charge of my own job search with powerful strategies that eliminate the job search game and put me in front of employers NOW.

  • THANK YOU for providing instant access to job search success secrets that have helped thousands of professionals just like me access the hidden job market and get HIRED much faster

  • I understand that I will receive the Get Hired Faster e-book as an immediate download, with easy-to-follow instructions

  • I will receive ALL of the strategies you've outlined here, including tips for contacting target employers, getting the inside track on companies, using professional associations, getting a hiring manager's attention, finding recruiters, cultivating an online presence, building more job leads, getting in touch with recruiters quickly, your personal list of top career portals and resources, and how to build more employer interest for my skills.

  • I will also get your personal coaching tips that will help me IMMEDIATELY start generating job leads

  • I will receive additional information that gives me the insider's track on getting noticed for the career I want

  • I also get numerous Web and career industry resources for creating jobs and company databases and methods that I can use to build a successful job search strategy

  • I understand that I will receive BONUS #1, "Powerful Cover Letter Secrets for Six-Figure Careers" as part of my package

  • In addition, I will receive BONUS #2, "When Employers Google You, What Will They Find?" as part of my package

  • I understand that I'm purchasing "How to Get Hired Faster: 60+ Proven Tips & Resources to Access the Hidden Job Market" e-book at NO RISK whatsoever, because it comes with a full money-back guarantee that if the book does not live up to my expectations, you'll refund the purchase with NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Place my order now for only $47.

Order now via secure server, or call 720-507-3885. After your order information is received, you will immediately receive electronic receipts, an email confirmation, plus an email with instructions for your download.

Remember, I stand 100% behind the information I'm offering to you. If you decide you don't like my e-book, just call to ask me for your money back. It's that simple.

Once you place your order via our secure server, we'll immediately forward your book download information.

And your name and email will never be shared with, rented to, or sold to anyone else. I promise!

For any questions, please call 720-507-3885 to contact me directly. I'll either answer, or you will get my personal voice mail.

So, are you ready? I promise that job search success can be yours QUICKLY. Order now.

To your career success,

Laura Smith-Proulx, CCMC, CPRW, CIC, TCCS, CPBA, CTTCC

P.S. - The sooner you get your hands on this information, the faster you can go beyond the Internet to gain access to REAL jobs and employers that want YOUR expertise.

"...I'm SO thankful that I went through your job search program..."

I can honestly say I've never realized just how limited the Internet job pool really is, until I worked with you to find out how I can get in front of the right employers. Thank you so much... I've been able to really see how the hiring game works, and I'll never forget what I've learned."

— P.L. Corporate Trainer


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